Volunteer of the Year

Alex and I

Congratulations Alex Lockhart!

Our 2019 All Star Volunteer

Alex is on his eighth year of volunteering for one of the most important jobs Harbor Days has to offer a strong, confident, take charge person who understands the importance of safety and security. Alex has been a perfect fit for handling security at the entrance to the power dam.

Every year without fail Alex has working a twelve hour shift starting late morning and working straight through until the fireworks are over and the area is given safety clearance.

To have Alex with such dedication wrap his arms around this responsibility is very comforting to us. Knowing only authorized personnel will get past Alex, others will be escorted out of the area and irate people will be given that great big Alex warmness and reminded they will benefit by reaching their required number of steps per day for walking around the secure area instead of cutting through.

 Alex’s coworkers shared the following –

Alex is a young man that has quickly demonstrated his willingness to do what
is needed.

Most of us can find a reason not to help. Alex on the other hand finds the time to say yes, I can help.

Words like; intelligent, grit, nice guy and helpful
are all commonly heard when describing Alex.

Congratulations Alex!



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