2016 Grande Parade Rules, Information and Application

Rules & Information

Applications are due by July 22th.

Date & Time of Parade: Saturday, August 6th 2016 at 12:00 Noon

Formation of Lineup begins at 9am. Judging begins at 11am. 

  1. All Entries must be decorated to appear in the parade. Undecorated commercial vehicles will not be accepted (e.g. the company van)
  2. Please decorate and design your entry with a fun theme in mind.
  3. ALL entries are required to move at a walking pace throughout the parade. Those unable to do so creating a big parade gap will be immediately removed and may be prohibited from participating in future parades.
  4. If your entry has a dance, act or presentation, please be prepared to perform during line-up; this is when your act will be judged. Be sure that your act can be done safely while the parade is moving continuously down the parade route without requiring your act to stop and start.
  5. Handouts are allowed, but must be delivered by hand, not thrown. Please be sure you have adequate helpers with your entry if you wish to distribute handouts. We are very concerned about children running onto the street to pick up candy and becoming injured. If you are seen throwing items you will be immediately removed from the parade and may be prohibited from participating in future parades.
  6. Live animal entries must provide their own clean-up personnel. Clean-up persons must travel with entry and clean up must be done immediately.
  7. Parade entry judging will begin promptly at 11:00 am. If you want to be considered for an award, your entry must be ready when the judges arrive at your location. If your entry is not completed a the time the judges arrive, the entry will be judged as it is.
  8. Awards will be given in the following seven entry categories: (1) Best Motorized; (2) Best Classic Vehicle; (3) Best Non-Motorized; (4) Best Commercial/Business; (5) Most Colorful; (6) Most Creative; and (7) Best Float.
  9. We reserve the right to reject any entry that is not in good taste or is not in the best interest of the Harbor Days Festival.
  10. We will email a confirmation notice with instructions approximately August 1 after we have processed all entries. This confirmation notice will include the check-in procedure, line-up number and check-in location. Please provide your email and cell phone numbers on your application.
  11. Remember sunscreen and water for those participating in the parade.
  12. On the day of the parade, South Bayshore MUST NOT be used for dropping off riders and walkers. A shuttle will be provided from First Presbyterian Church on Spruce for those who are unable to walk.

Online Form Submission

Vehicle Information

Additional Information

Please describe your entry. This information will be provided to the announcer and presented as your entry passes the announcers table in front of the Cinema during the parade. No other opportunity to submit information will be provided. The announcers have asked that we limit the entry descriptions to 40 words or less. This enables your description to be fully announces as your entry passes the Cinema.


For more information, please contact parade Co-Chairpersons Rick Martel at (231) 599-1020 or Sherry Steffen at (231) 264-9365 or email rickmartel97@hotmail.com

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